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About Me

I'm a freelance/commission artist who also runs a small business at StarfazersSales on Etsy!


Now for the real reason you are here! Here is some information on my commissions.

Please read my Terms and Conditions before contacting me for a commission!

Full Commissions
Sketch Commissions

Or in text form:

Humans Full Sketch (add $5 for colour)
Bust $15 $10
Half-body $25 $15
Full-body $35 $20
Anthros Full Sketch (add $5 for colour)
Bust $20 $15
Half-body $30 $20
Full-body $40 $25
Animals (depending on detail) $10-$15 $10
Banners/Icons (varies on detail) $10-$15 $10


Payment for commissions is accepted exclusively through PayPal.

Make Payment


The fastest way to contact me is through Discord. I can be reached at Starfazers#1337

If we do not share a server, you can join this one and find me there!

Alternatively, check out my social media sites to reach out on another platform.